I have seen a lot of beginner of Table Tennis Ball struggling to find the best Table tennis ball player which is suitable for them. Being an expert golfer myself i decided to write a detailed article in which i have reviewed the top golf balls for beginners in the market.

In this article i have written about the best tennis balls which i have played with and i believe are suitable for beginners in this field. i have personally reviewed 10 table tennis balls, some of them i played with a while ago and others with i played with recently. Below is a detailed review on each of these tennis balls

Ping Pong Tennis Ball

Ping Pong Tennis Ball deserve to be in list of best tennis balls for beginners. i used these golf balls when i was playing for ABC tournament. i found them to be economically priced while accurate in their shots

The balls kept their shape in even after five games which makes these balls quite steady and solid. Furthermore these golf balls are also approved and certified from internationally tennis ball federation. I found them to be economically priced all the while accurate in their shots

Ping pong Tennis balls have a good result when used with swing shots. They also have a good bounce in the park with when i was playing for long shots. Lastly even after some good solid stroking in 5 games, the balls did not loose their colour.

These balls are not suitable for short range targets. i felt them to be a bit wayward in their path when i was aiming for short distance targets.


  • 10 Oz
  • 1.68 inch diameter
  • Greenside spin

I would recommend ping pong tennis ball for players who have at least 6 months of experience and are looking to up their game. Check out the price of these golf balls here.

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