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Having Beautiful Hair Is Everyone’s Dream. It Always Gives The First Expression Of Your Personality. You Might Never Notice The Good Texture Of Your Hair Always Indicates Its Health. The Thickness Of Your Hair Can Determine Its Tendency To Be Strong And Genetically Great By Structure.

Some People Are Blessed Enough To Have Good Genetic Material That Their Hair Grows Fast Naturally With Rapid Speed But Some People Mostly Above The Age Of 35 Have To Attain Good Hair Growth By Outer Source.

Your Hair Growth Also Depends On The Region Where You Live. More The Suffocation Or Heat In The Air More You Will Have Hair Loss And Less Hair Growth. These Are Factors Together Play Important Role In Your Hair Growth in fastest way.
Hair Growth All depends on the fact that how good you take care of it

Here, Are Four Top-Rated Tips To Have The Best Results To Attain Fast Hair Growth

1- Hair Growth Under Skin
Problem: Basically, Our Hair Growth Always Takes Place Under Our Scalp, When The Scalp Starts To Suffocate Through Sweating Or Dirt On The Upper Layer Of The Head It Creates A Blockage Of Follicles Which Leads To Hair Loss And Limiting Growth And Eventually Leads To Shedding.

Solution: Washing Up Your Hair Regularly Like Every 2 Days, Can Give A Good Oxidative Effect On The Scalp. Always Remember Whenever You Wash Your Hair Try To Give A Gentle Massage With Your Fingertips On The Scalp. It Will Regulate Blood Circulation Which Will Help To Promote New Follicles To Burst Out From The Scalp.

''Here is the close view of human hair , scalp and dirt on scalp''

2-Take Supplements For Hair Growth
 Problem: By The Time Past After The Age Of 25 Or Above Humans Start To Lose Their Hair Which Means Some Of The Components Like Biotin And Collagen Which Helps To Stimulate Hair Growth Levels Starts To Get Low. In Some People, It Is Found Genetically Low Or Due To Stress, It Gets Lower From Time To Time.

Solution: When You Found Yourself Losing Rapidly Hair Within A Week Or Month. You Should Know It’s Time To Take The Highly Suggested Biotin And Collagen Supplements Which Are Enriched With Other Amino Acids Compound And Hair Growth Vitamins.

Olena Whole Food Biotin Supplement For Hair Growth

3- Protection From Environmental Damages
Problem: Dust And Other Damaging Environmental Factors Make Hair Dry And Rough Which Leads To Stopping Their Hair Growth. Like Plants, Our Hair Needs The Best Environment To Grow. Physical Damage Reduce Hair Growth Nowadays Everyone Has An Addiction To Straightening Their Hair Which Leads To Damaging Hair Permanently.

Solution: After The Shower Always Try To Apply Some Hair Protector Products Like Hair Serum And Heat Protector Before Straightening Your Hair. Try To Brush Your Hair In A Gentle Way Do Not Need To Hustle It Will Damage Your Hair Ends Which Will Lead To Less Hair Growth.

Giving full nourishments to the roots of your head

4- Use Suitable Product
Problem: In Our Daily Life We See Random Ads And Campaigns About Hair Products And Their Goal Are To Sell Their Products They Wouldn’t Guide You That What Kind Of Product Suits You Better According To Your Scalp Ph And You Convinced Yourself To Buy That Product Without Doing Your Homework And Without Concern Of Your Hair Type Which Always Leads To Hair Fall Or Stops Your Hair To Grow.

Solution: Always Know Your Hair Type And Show Concern Before Buying Any Product By Reading Its Ingredient Dmdm Hydantoin, A Preservative In Shampoos, Conditioners And Other Water-Based Personal Care Products That Cause Severe Hair Loss Which Stops Hair Growth.

applying serum to the roots
New hair from hair follicles

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