Instability refers to describing the disturbances, strikes, and riots caused by a disagreement between the government and the opposition or public. This is a common problem in developing or under develop countries. we have been seeing political instability in Pakistan for a long time.

There are numerous reasons for political instability, in this article, we’ll discuss the top-listed causes and these are inequality among the classes of people in a society, discrimination among certain races, genders, and religious groups, and when citizens are not given their basic rights by the government.

inequality among the classes of people in a society may refer to the unfair distribution of resources among different classes of people. the policies of the sitting government do not favour every class. When government fails to provide basic needs and rights to every citizen of the country, the government could not set and provide adequate salaries to the poor class of society.

Hence people start showing aggression against the sitting government which leads to instability in the country. I would quote an instance of a long march of opposition parties against Imran Khan’s government due to high inflation. As a result of that politically instability and economy of Pakistan collapsed in days.

In addition, discrimination among different groups of society also plays a role of poison to stability in the country. This discrimination may be among the races, genders, and religious groups. In Pakistan, several discriminations are existed such as cast, between males and females, and even in different sects of Islam.

So whenever an issue raises people together in huge numbers and starts protests that lead to instability in the country. I would quote the protest of Tehreek e labaik against the government of Imran Khan last year.

Furthermore, when government fails to deliver basic rights to the citizen of the country. government has to make sure to provide freedom, liberty to speak, and justice to every person in the state. Injustice brings negativity in the society.

When injustice prevails in the state and courts cannot provide justice especially poor class of society and minorities then people do not trust on government institutions. At the last people trying to get justice in their ways and instability is created in the society.

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