Fragrance have always been important for men as well as women but to find out aroma that gives you pleasure and healthy feeling with long lasting effect is quite hard. To make this difficulty easier I decided to write an article that will help you to choose the best perfumes for men.

In this article, I have discussed all the perfumes that I used and found out they have all the characteristics which men wants. Some of them leaves the lasting impression while some left no burden on your pockets so guys keep coming back to them for decades .

Here is the list of Top 3 Perfumes and Colognes for men. Consider them while getting into aromatized world.

Bleu De Chanel Eau De Toilette Perfumes For Men 

Best perfumes for men Versace Eros

BLEU DE CHANEL is a fragrance that makes what you want to be yourself, a respectful perfumed men, your identity and freedom. It catches all men who have the spirit of independence.

This fragrance is authentic and smells refreshing. It lasts for 6 to 8 hours on the skin and can be worn formally and casually.

Some of the people faced the problem in packaging but I didn’t experienced it.


  • 3.4 Fl Oz
  • 0.5 pounds
  • Aromatic, Wood 
  • Adult
1- Refreshing1- Little much expensive
2- Long lasting2- Packaging is decamped
3- 100% Authentic 

I would recommend it to those who wants to use it formally. Click here to purchase it.

Versace Eros Perfumes for Men 

EROS is the fragrance that gives the intense, vibrant and glowing freshness. Its size 6.7oz nearly about the size of the soda can. I really like its packaging and quantity is just overwhelming.

It’s just a burst of freshness that lasts longer even after a day. I used it on my working clothes and the smell lingers for almost 24 hours letting me include this in top 3 best fragrances for men. Just 2 or 3 pumps gives you enough scent for a whole day so no need to dive in the bottle like some others.


  • Versace
  • Aerosol
  • 192.71 grams
  • Adult
100% goodBeware of copies
AuthenticLittle expensive
Long lasting 

I would recommend it for casual use and long lasting freshness. Click here to check the price.

Diesel Only the Brave Cologne for Men

Diesel only the brave is an iconic scent representing the power and strength of leader. Creates self confidence, self achievement and strength of men. It’s really worthy and I enjoyed the uniqueness of it.

Its scent is so refreshing and strong that it lasts for more than 2 days on clothes. Its just all rounder and can be used formally as well as casually. It worth’s its price and I will definitely buy this again.

Although some of the customers complains it do not smell like the other diesel products but I like its intensity and long lasting property .

Specification of Perfumes

  • Diesel
  • 0.3 Pounds
  • Adult
Strong scentQuantity is less than expected
just 2 sprays are sufficientnozzle is not good
100% Authentic 

I would highly recommend this as it covers all the needs of the users. Click here to check the price


Anyone spending their savings must kept following points in their mind. These factors will help you in your purchasing.


You must be aware of fragrances that suits your personality like teenagers should not use strong scents.

Long lasting effect

Perfume that you used must stay on you for long time freshness.


Before buying any perfume must check out its price. Does it worth its price or not? It will surely help you in your sopping.

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