Selecting a sunscreen isn’t quite as easy as it once was.

Preventing premature aging, solar damage, and skin cancer require that we protect our skin from the sun’s strong ultraviolet┬árays. When it comes to sun protection, you have three options: sunblock, sunscreen, and sun tan lotion. Sunblock is the most effective sun solution for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It is vital for shielding your skin throughout the summer and for longer hours spent outside and comes in a wide variety of SPF.It is also important that we have to choose a perfect sunblock according to our skin type.

Sunblock for Oily skin

It is very difficult to find the right sunblock especially when you have oily skin. By applying sunscreen your skin texture become oily so, It doesn’t mean that you don’t apply sunblock. Use sunblock that will be good for your oily skin. Some oily skin sunblock as follow.

  • Cetaphil pro sunblock
  • OLay sun
  • Neutrogena ultra -sheer SPF 30
  • LAKME sun expert SPF 50 ultra mattee

Sunblock for Dry skin

If you have dry skin, search for sunscreens that have moisturising components or sunscreens that contain a moisturiser (ceramides or hyaluronic acid). Some best sunblocks for dry skin as follow.

  • LAKME sun expert lotion
  • LOTUS herbal sunscreen lotion
  • VLCC sunscreen
  • Ayur sunscreen

Sunblock for Combination skin

Normal to combination skin will benefits from a mild, non-comedogenic sunblock that is super duper for regular use, even if it does not require an oil-controlling or strongly moisturising product. The fragrance-free, dermatologically proven formula (an update of the best-selling Ultra-Light) is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes because it is non-comedogenic, non-greasy, and non-stinging to the eyes. Some of the sunblock for combination skin as follow.

  • Garnier sunscreen
  • OLAY

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