I love cooking and at home, I try different recipes. Now I am going to share a delightful recipe with you. You can take pineapple and Marie cookies delight with tea as a sneak after lunch.

Now I am going to prepare the tasty pineapple and Marie cookies delight for you. First of all, I need a pineapple syrup and Marrie biscuits. I separate the pineapple chunks with syrup. Need a clean bowl and dip one by one biscuit in the syrup, dip well and take it off to the syrup, and set it into the bowl.

On the second side, I prepare the thick cream layer through a biter. We need this type of cream hereAfter preparation of the cream add condensed milk according to your taste and mix it well. We need a smooth paste of cream and condescending milk. After preparation of this smooth layer, add some pineapple chunks into the bowl where we set pineapple syrup biscuits. Sprinkle pineapple chunks around the biscuits and then add one layer of cream and spread into that bowl same as picture.

Again we repeat that step. Take syrup wet biscuits to add to the cream, add some pineapple chunks, and then add the last layer of cream on the top of the bowl. spread it finely and on the top sprinkle some pineapple chunks, almonds, etc.  After preparing the pineapple and Marie cookies delight rest for 3 hours in the refrigerator and take it off from the refrigerator and eat with tea as a snack. Find another recipes about delightful deserts https://cookieandkate.com/category/food-recipes/dessert/

Ingredients of pineapple and marie biscuits delight:

  1. Pineapple chunks with syrup (1 tin)
  2. Marrie Biscuits (2 pack)
  3. cream ( you can choose any brand ) (2 small milk cream packs)
  4. Condesend Milk (1 small tin)

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