Peoples make three common mistakes and fail in achieving a goal in life.


Learning is a process that keeps you motivated to improve your personality and remove the mistakes you have made in past. And learning from mistakes leads you to success.  Always remember

                                           ” Learn from your past

                                            Manage your present and                                

                                             struggle for your future”


goal in life, a comparison between successful and unsuccessful persons
Achieving a goal in life is necessary.

       First mistake: People forget their mistakes, they had made in past. And fail to achieve a goal in life.

Commonly people think that they should forget about things that happened in past and this is a big mistake. Past is a part of life that decide your present life and your future. Those people who forget events that happened in their past never develop their minds to stop making mistakes ever again. For a successful and progressive life, learning lessons from mistakes is the key factor. Never consider mistakes a burden rather take them as a challenge and try to eradicate them from life habits.

        How do you learn from mistakes to achieve a goal in life?  

Some people don’t know, how to learn from mistakes. To learn from mistakes first you should know that you had committed a mistake and it is possible only when your conscious mind is alive. If you have a dead conscious mind then you will never be able to consider your wrong act as a mistake.

Once you find that your act was a mistake then you will be ashamed and this is the first step you are going to learn from your mistake.

There is another case in which people consciously commit mistakes to get more benefits in life. Although this work a bit but it is not long-lasting.

        Second Mistake: People fail to manage their present and to achieve a goal in life. 

In the above discussion, we learned, how mistakes can be helpful to enhance our learning. Now we are going to learn how managing our present leads us to develop our bright future. Your past gives you lessons so that you become able to manage your present in a better way.

             Your present gives you a platform and chances to struggle for your bright future. Struggle for future acquire resources and all people doesn’t have all the required resources. Some people have all the resources-you can say that they are born with a gold spoon in their mouth-and other doesn’t.

              People who have all the required resources can use them in the best possible way for their bright future but who don’t, commonly complain about it. Complaining about lack of resources will not give you resources rather you will just waste your time. The solution is to manage all the resources you have in the best possible way.

            There is another case in which people who have all the resources also fail to manage their present and to achieve their required goal in life. The reason is that they don’t learn form their past mistakes and in this way they fail to manage their present.

        Third Mistake: People fail to struggle for their future.

                     Why do we struggle for the future and why do we hesitate to manage our present to work hard? Let’s explain it with an example…

        ” If I say you to spend 12 hours in a room alone and you have to do nothing in this whole time and you will get nothing at the end of the time. Will you agree for this? Surely not. But If say you that you will get Rs5,000 at the end of the time then your may agree to spend 12 hours in a room alone without doing anything”

        Now tell me which thing gave you the courage to spend 12 hours in a room alone without doing anything? It is Rs5,000. In the first case, you don’t have any goal so not agreed. But in the second case, you have the task of earning Rs5,000.

                In the same way, you will work hard only when you have a goal, the bigger is the goal struggle will be tough. The aim is like a booster that boosts your energy to work hard for your goal and acts as a hurdle to being lazy.

comparison between two mindsets struggling to achieve a goal in life


                     Only those people become successful in life who keep on learning from their past and from the experiences of other people, manage their present whether they have resources or not in the best possible way, and have a big goal to achieve.

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