The increased rates of eye problems among children are alarming. Prolonged screen time is one of the main cause for many serious issues. Keeping toddlers away from mobile phone has become challenging. Since the recent situation o f COVID, it became unimaginable to have a day without screen time, while staying indoors. So, I’ve come up with some really basic fun activities for your kids.

Don’t worry if you are facing the same, I have some really basic fun activities to engage children.

Here is the list of some fun activities to grab child attention and keep them healthy and busy.

1.Painting for fun

“ART is as natural as sun shine and as vital as nourishment.”

Colors attract children of every age group. Hand your child paint and let the magic begin. Do not hassle or worry about the mess. Let them explore, mix and match and discover on their own. Ask them to decorate their space with them.

Everyone is born with an art

2.Read with fun

Provide your child the books with their favorite characters. Get the good stuff,3D or textured books to let them feel and memorize the shapes. Phonic books are always the best to replace the rhymes on gadgets. Have a whiteboard at your place…ask your child to help schedule the day.

3.Design play area

Dedicate an empty corner of your house as kids play area. Toddlers are most likely to roam around the place exploring each and every bit. Let them free in their place with kids proof gadgets like a slider, a set of puzzle, and abacus, a corner for reading, a bake station, a ball pool.

Design the walls with your kid’s painting.

There are many other activities like baking, making cards, writing diary, doll house setting and much more the child can do on their own. Just be creative with little bits according to personality of your child.

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